Course description

This course is tailored for middle school students to build a strong foundation in mathematics. It focuses on enhancing understanding of core concepts in arithmetic, fractions, decimals, and introduces the basics of algebra. The course combines interactive learning with practical exercises to ensure students grasp these fundamental concepts, which are essential for their future academic success.

  1. Course Breakdown
  2. Week 1-2: Arithmetic Review - Basic operations, order of operations
  3. Week 3-4: Mastering Fractions - Simplifying, operations with fractions
  4. Week 5-6: Working with Decimals - Operations, converting fractions to decimals
  5. Week 7-8: Introduction to Algebra - Basic equations, understanding variables
  6. Week 9: Practical Applications - Applying learned concepts in real-world scenarios
  7. Week 10: Review and Assessment - Comprehensive review and final assessment

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Faisal Alam

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