TutorsPlan transforms the educational journey by providing personalized education plans developed through comprehensive assessments. We recommend tailored tutoring plans with local and remote tutors, training schools, mentors, study counselors, lab assistance, and online classes, arranging tuition fees through scholarships, donations, and volunteer tutors. This ensures students only pay a fraction of the cost.

  • TutorsPlan Pass Membership: Enjoy personalized one-on-one tutoring with unlimited sessions and instant availability. This membership reduces anxiety and screen time while increasing happiness and academic success.
  • Volunteer Tutoring Opportunities: Students can volunteer as tutors to teach younger peers, earning scholarships and valuable experience. TutorsPlan offers a "Train the Tutors" program, awarding the "TutorsPlan Certified Tutor" certificate.
  • Connect and Distribute Educational Scholarships: We source educational scholarships from global donors and philanthropic organizations, distributing them to students without administrative costs.
  • Women Empowerment Entrepreneurial Opportunity: TutorsPlan supports women in starting and growing local and remote tutoring businesses by providing all necessary resources, including funding.

At TutorsPlan, we make a social impact by offering flexible learning plans from 2nd grade through college, empowering students to reach their full potential.